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When you create a character in Global Agenda, you will be able to refine your character with considerable detail, using a character editor before you begin properly playing the game.


There are four classes available: Assault, Recon, Robotic and Medic.

The class selection menu, as it appears in-game.

Speciality BonusEdit

Although it is not part of the preliminary character creation, players may selecte a specialty bonus in the form of skills. Skills are determined and organized by earning skill points, players may use up to 13 points and gradually earn them by levelling up (usually on odd-numbered levels). Players may reallocate their points any time they wish by visiting the designated location in Dome City.

Each class has two unique skill trees, and all access to the balanced skill tree. Players may select any of the skills in a tree, usually sequentially, and can mix several specialities or put heavy emphasis on one. For a full summary of the skill trees of each class, see the individual class articles.


According to several articles[1][2] appearance customization will be very extensive, especially facial customization. A randomization feature has also been confirmed.



Male & Female Robotics class

You are able to choose gender on all classes, and suits/armour will be aesthetically modified to represent this (pictured).


A number of facial features have been confirmed as being able to modify, such as:[1]

  • Head
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Cheek Bones
  • Nose
  • Racial traits


The ability to change your characters' hair style has been confirmed, however the extent of this customization is expected to be limited[2].


The only confirmed body sculpting feature as of yet is the skin-tone [2]. Body shape will primarily be determined by armor choice[3] giving each class a distinctive silhouette.


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