Pets are tiny characters that follow you around in dome city once activated. They cannot be activated outside of dome city. The only thing they do is make funny noises & moves and give the player a mobility boost in dome city causing you to walk faster than normally.

In total there are 11 pets in Global Agenda. Most of them can be crafted, some could be bought at the Burning Fashion store and others are earned from achievements or from an event.

Name Obtained from Picture
Elite Alchemist Crafting Elite alchemist
Mini Assassin Crafting Mini assassin
Mini Helot Crafting Mini Helot
Mini Techro Crafting Mini Techro
Widget Crafting Widget
Mini Destroyer Burning Fashion Mini Destroyer
Mortimer Tank Burning Fashion Mortimer Tank
Tiny Tick Burning Fashion Tiny Tick
Pocket Switchblade Event Pocket switchblade
Frank the Tank Achievement Frank the tank-0
Baby Warlord Achievement Baby warlord


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