Boosters are account upgrades purchased from the official Global Agenda website store . They temporarily double any experience, Token rewards, Credit rewards and end-of-mission loot earned by any of the characters on the upgraded account. As well, players with active boosters are also awarded 2,000 tokens every night.

There are also free 1 day boosters that can be acquired from loot drops.


  • Experience points earned are doubled
  • Tokens earned are doubled
  • Credits earned are doubled
  • 2,000 Tokens are received every night at Midnight GMT (so long as the the weekly and maximum Token limits of 50,000 are not violated)
  • Allow flying in dome city


Boosters are currently sold in three different amounts:

  • 10 days for $7.95
  • 30 days for $14.95
  • 90 days for $29.95

The booster is immediately active upon purchase.

Note: These durations are counted by calendar, and not by play time.

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