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Blackstone is a newly formed Agency that focuses heavily on teamwork and efficiency. Blackstone aim to build a team of competent and characteristic players, based on casual roleplaying, and good old fashioned fun


The Blackstone Agency is led by Camega, and a team of discriminately selected officers. As an Agency, they are not focused in any specific area of the game. PvP, PvE, and doing quests together are common. Once the Agency has developed more, they will establish themselves in AvA


Blackstone's recruitment is highly discriminate, and involves a trial and testing period for initiates. Although not open to the public, most will be offered a chance as an initiate upon request, though membership is not guaranteed.

As an initiate, you will be tested in a few areas. Competency and Character. This means that whether you join Blackstone is not dependant on your level or experience, but on your potential as a player. Players who show a pleasant personality and general understanding will have a high chance of being promoted to a member.

Although Blackstone make the effort of hand-picking players to be initiates or members, we will allow initiateship upon request in most cases. If you are interested in getting into The Blackstone Agency, please contact Camega in-game.

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