Between Life and Death is a special PvE mission which is part of the Sonoran Desert story arc.


The map is part of a large desert stronghold held by the Legion Army on KOFA Mountain. Upon entering the mission, players will enter a large open area consisting of a Legion encampment. Legion Grunts and other forces will be scattered about, including on some of the overlooking ledges.

On the other side of this encampment is another, at the foot of a small hill.

Next, players will scale a small hill leading towards a canyon and a wooden-plank crossing. A few Legion forces will be waiting at the bottom, guarding a large doorway.

Drop down through the doorway into a garden-like area, which is also secured by Legion forces. On the opposite side of the room is the boss room, containing the Warlord.


It is possible to play this mission with support of players in your team party. To do this, the team leader must launch the level (as part of their quest sequence). All members of the team will receive an invitation to the instance, to either accept or decline.

If a non-leader attempts to join (on their own quest sequence), no invitation will be sent but that player will still launch the mission for themselves.

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