Ava Lockhart
is one of the most prominent faces in Global Agenda, featured in the launch trailer and elsewhere. She is also a key operative within the Allied Revolutionary Militia and she is very proud to be the unofficial "right hand" of ARM.


Lockhart makes one of her first appearences in the Global Agenda launch trailer, and is also featured in several forms of media on the website and elsewhere. In addition to her position in ARM, she has also had a profound impact on your character's life, as she was the guiding hand which led your character from his or her stasis chamber and out of Commonwealth Prime. She also plays a lesser role in the more recent events of your character.


Lockhart appears as a young woman with pink or magenta hair, wearing a gold and cyan-blue Robotics suit.

According to her in-game introduction, "Ava multitasks in a way that makes multi-core processors jealous. It seems like an impossible amount of information for one person to handle, but Ava maneuvers through it with non-chalance."

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