The Assassin Blade is a new device exclusively available to the Recon class that is sometimes dropped by the Elite Assassin during PvE missions. It is confirmed that the weapon drops in high security, maximum and ultra-maximum security missions, but there is still doubt if it is available in double agent, or in any of the solo missions. There is a very rare mission-reward called "Commonwealth Energy Blade ", that has the same stats.

The Assassin Blade has a slightly higher base damage than the Ghost Sword, with the same swing rate. Instead of blocking, alt-fire will cause the wielder to expend 40 power and strike with a much stronger attack that inflicts a debuff of 15 Physical protection. Like other Recon melees, it gains 41% additional damage on backstabs. Because of its protection debuff, it is quite useful in helping to destroy turrets, though the blade itself is less effective at this than Dual Daggers, instead making it easier for a coordinated attack with allies to work or allowing the wielder to use other weapons, such as Deconstructor, to quickly destroy the debuffed turret. It is also a fairly handy item to have on-hand in Spec-Ops to quickly debuff the boss or support enemies and then run out of melee range to increase the team's overall damage.

  • Can Be dropped in High Security (Very Rare)
  • Secondary Fire has about a 27%+ damage effect.

    Assassin blade

    Epic Assassin Blade Stats

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