Overview Edit

Agents in Global Agenda can equip 7 different pieces of armor. Each piece of armor provides the wearer with a combination of Protection and Health bonuses. How much of each depends on the specific varient and the armor's quality (common, uncommon, rare, and epic).

All new agents start with a set of common armor, which has +10% Health. Armor of uncommon or higher quality will have extra stats on top of the +10% Health bonus, one bonus stat per increase in quality level (uncommon - 1, rare - 2, epic - 3). Additionally, agents may utilize their Crafting skills to create Armor Mods, which add one additional stat of their choice.

Possible stats include

  • [n] = Increased Health (0,5% per n)
  • [b] = AoE Protection (0.5% per b)
  • [r] = Ranged Protection (0.5% per r)
  • [m] = Melee Protection (0.5% per m)

These additional stats will be displayed on the tooltip as well as by an identifier in the item's name. For example, Head Armor [r] denotes an uncommon piece of Head Armor with bonus (0.5%) Ranged Protection. Arm Armor [mrn] denotes an epic piece of Arm armor with extra Melee and Ranged Protection (0.5% each), as well as bonus Health (0.5%). Lastly, Leg Armor [bb] denotes a rare piece of Leg Armor with extra (1%) AoE protection.

Agents have 7 areas to place Armor - Head, Arm, Shoulder, Hands, Chest, Legs, and Feet. Armor can only be used in the corresponding slot, and only one piece of armor can be used in a slot at a time.

While armor itself has no effect on an agent's appearance, agents can purchase Suits and Helmets (which provide no combat improvements) instead.

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