Arena is a gameplay mode allowing teams to face each other in a duel. Players can join Arena matches solo, but the typical is pre-made teams. Arena has its own selection of maps designed for small team play featuring control style game play.

There are 3 types of Arena matches:

  • Timed Arena
  • 4v4 Scrimmage
  • AVA Scrimmage

Related to this is the Challenge functionality. A team leader can type /challenge to challenge another team to a match. The full command line is:

/challenge {team leader name} {map number or "map name"} {Attacker or Defender} {Server Rotation "North America", "Europe", "Pacific Rim"}

The current map list is:

  1. HM-44 ARENA
  1. X1 Osprey ARENA
  1. BREACH: Volcano Assault
  1. Toxicity
  1. SCRAMBLE: Tetra Pier
  1. SCRAMBLE: Stockpile
  1. Triumph 9 Missile Launch Platform

Timed Arena Edit

Timed Arena matches are only available every 90 minutes based on server time. The server matches your 4 man team to another in a 4v4 Arena game play. The winning team is guaranteed an epic item reward, along with token and credit rewards.

4v4 Scrimmage Edit

4v4 Scrimmage is like Timed Arena, but without the timer restriction or the reward.

AVA Scrimmage Edit

AVA Scrimmage is a 10v10 arena mode without reward similar to 4v4 Scrimmage, but with larger teams played on standard Mercenary maps.

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