Mission Description Edit

Mickey the Junker: "You know why I'm out here and not lounging poolside with centerfolds? Well, probably the same reason you are, eh? Commonwealth. Lemme offer some sage advice. If you're gonna survive out here, you're gonna need some gizmos, know what I mean? I'll tell you what, bring me some parts from the Colony Ants at the abandoned locker to the west and I'll whip something up for you from what I don't need, no extra charge."

Intermediate Text Edit

Mickey the Junker: "You got all that stuff yet? Or you just looking to have a chat with Ol' Mickey?"

Objectives Edit

Scavenge 3 Power Casings.

Completed Text Edit

Mickey the Junker: "Look at this. Did you try and find the worst of the lot? You're not much of a scavenger, mate... but you did try, didn't you. A promise is a promise. Not gonna be my best work, but it should help you out, at least a bit."

Quest Rewards Edit

700 Experience
350 Credits
1 Class Specific Specialty Weapon (?)

Linked Missions Edit

Previous: Welcome to Junk Town
Next: Mickey's Good Word

Note: Completing One Man's Trash and Another Man's Treasure unlocks Mickey's Good Word.

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