"Halt, identify!"

-Alarm Responder
Alarm responder

A couple of alarm responders.

A special NPC found under specific circumstances in PvE missions. Resembles a bulky humanoid, typically with a metalic blue finish.

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Overview Edit

Alarm Responders are teleported in when a player triggers a Support Scanner alarm, as well as during Boss fights in High Security (or more difficult) missions.

Like the Minion Androids, they are armed with only an Assault Rifle, though they have more Health.

Alarm Responders are Mechanical and are vulnerable to EMP Bombs and related debuffs.

Stay far away from them and try to take them out before focusing on the boss again.

Known LootEdit

  • None


Halting and identifying won't do anything at all.

Notorious for ruining perfectly good, no-death runs on higher difficulty boss fights.

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