In Global Agenda, a Agent usually refers to a player's in-game character, which they guide and advance through the game. Your agent can earn Achievements and increase their Combat Rating through various types of gameplay Each Game account has the ability to create a Agents of any Class throught the Character Creation option.

Agent ControlsEdit


The Player can control the Agents actions by using certain binded keys.All keys can be re-binded to suit the players needs.

  • WASD - is to Move
  • Space - to Jump
  • Left Shift - to Crouch
  • U - to interact with
  • Middle Mouse Button - Free look
  • N - Show path to objective
  • R - Activate your Recovery device

Using the Device bar, players equip certain devices that have functions that need to be controlled by binds.

  • Left Mouse Button - Fires your in-hand device
  • Right Mouse Button - Alternate Fire/Use
  • Mouse Scroll Up - Select your previous device
  • Mouse Scroll Down - Select your next device
  • Q - Switch to your last used device
Device Bar:Edit

This is where a player equips their devices to be used in instances.

  1. Melee Weapon
  2. Ranged Weapon
  3. Specialty Weapon
  4. Jetpack
  5. Off-Hand Device
  6. Off-Hand Device
  7. Off-Hand Device
  8. Morale/Boost
  9. Pick-up device

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