Mission Description Edit

Dr. Simon LaRonge: "Between you and the others I've seen, it's clear the Commonwealth is tinkering with human DNA - yours to be precise. Eventually, the serum in your blood will cause hallucination, mutation, possibly brain death - and I've no idea how to either extract it or stop it. Were I you, and thank everything I'm not, I'd take this to Bancroft. While his methods are deplorable, he does have an uncanny knowledge of the Commonwealth's illicit activities. I'm sorry the news wasn't cheerier."

Intermediate Text Edit

Dalton Bancroft: "Nice to see you again, Agent. How did your scan go?"

Objectives Edit

Take your scan data to Bancroft.

Completed Text Edit

Dalton Bancroft: "DNA re-sequencing? Let me see that! (Bancroft looks at your data-com) Hmm... about ten years ago there was talk in the Commonwealth of a program called Agent Omega - a genetics experiment intent on engineering agents that were faster, stronger, even smarter; but, it was cancelled due to complete failure. It looks like the Commonwealth has reopened Agent Omega, experimenting on living subjects. Several of our recently liberated agents have shown signs of this, just as you do. If we don't find a way to stop this serum in your DNA, you will eventually mutate... and die in horrible pain."

Quest Rewards Edit

300 Experience

Linked Missions Edit

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