Mission Description Edit

Ava Lockhart: "Alright, your scan is just about complete. Let me see here... No beacons or tracking devices... Cerebral and neural scans are clean... Blood is... infected? Here. I've transferred the scan data to your data-com. Take it to Dr. Simon LeRonge in the Genetics lab. He'll be able to interpret the data and explain the anomaly. I'm sorry, Agent. I don't know what the Commonwealth did to you, but whatever it is - it's in your blood."

Intermediate Text Edit

Dr. Simon LeRonge: "Yes, yes. What is it?"

Objectives Edit

Speak with Dr. Simon LeRonge.

Completed Text Edit

Dr. Simon LeRonge: "Another hapless agent drafted in by Bancroft, are you? I suppose you've got a scan to show me of some new insidious thing the Commonwealth is doing. Well, let's see it, then. (Simon reads your scan and grimaces) Wish I could say I hadn't see this before, but I have. That doesn't make it any less awful. A number of other Agents have come through here lately with the same thing. I can't say I know what exactly the Commonwealth put in the lot of you, but whatever it is - it's completely re-sequencing your DNA."

Rewards Edit

520 Experience
Chest Armor [n]

Linked Missions Edit

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