Mission Description Edit

"You can download combat enhancements directly to your Neural Cortex. I haven't the time or the patience to explain it to you as it's far too technical for you to understand, I'm sure. Talk to one of the scientists here and they'll help you to install these 'Skill' modifications. As you gain combat ability, assuming you live to do so, you can have a greater number of skills installed."

Intermediate Text Edit

"Don't talk to me! Talk to those paid-by-the-hour Neural Reprogrammers."

Objectives Edit

Access the Neural Reprogramming Station at Proteus, and train a skill.

Completed Text Edit

"See there. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean that it won't work on you. Be sure to 'upgrade' yourself regularly of you run the risk of falling behind the curve. Just try not to overwhelm your simple mind. I don't need any brain matter on the floor of my lab."

Quest Rewards Edit

300 Experience

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